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LJHoliday sells clothes which are patterned to present classic silhouettes and constructed of modern, high performance fabrics. 

Our target market is people who shop at REI because they understand the fabrics but are tired of the boxy look of most technical clothing available today.

With an additional $250,000 we will develop 40 new products and open a brick and mortar store.


Modern technical clothing is ugly. It is garish in color and built like a cardboard box.

Let’s face facts. Nearly all the available high performance clothes look ridiculous.


Good quality clothing makes for a better day.

The characteristics which make good quality clothing are weather resistance, comfort, and easy care.

Life is better well dressed.

We make weather resistant, comfortable, and hassle free clothing that looks good too.


We are targeting people that shop at REI because they understand the fabrics but want a better looking product. Many people that shop at REI, Northface, Patagonia, etc, do so because they demand high performance from their clothing but are forced to accept the boxy, often two tone clothing available.


David EberhardtLonn HolidayAl Parisi
Business Direction. CFO, Keeps us alive.Founder. CEO. Artist, entrepreneur, geek. The perfect mix of creativity, technical savvy, and business acumen to get this done.Operations. COO, Gets stuff done.


Our jackets are made from soft shell fabrics. Our heavy outerwear is made of waterproof breathable fabrics.

A soft shell is a three layer laminate designed to resist water from outside while transferring moisture away from the wearer.


Our competitors are REI, Arcteryx, NorthFace, Patagonia, and all the rest of the sportswear manufacturers. None of which are offering products like ours. Not one of these companies make classic style shapes.

Suit makers like Hugo Boss, Jos Banks, etc are not in our market.


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