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Art Again?

I think I’m committed to this path. The art path. It’s where I started oh so long ago.

I’ve wandered all over the field since. House painting, photography, computers, enterprise grade networking, IT. I studied business and went bankrupt trying.

I had given art one last shot maybe twelve years ago. And gave up on it as dead and futile. But in the meantime I have learned marketing, e-commerce, WordPress and woocommerce. And the landscape has changed. Dropshipping and print on demand. Facebook and Mailchimp. This is a different world than where I gave up art.

And the iPad. Oh My God! It is so fun to make art on one of these!  And no waiting for paint to dry. Nothing kills a fresh idea like waiting four days for the first coat to dry. “What was I up to?”

I’m back. And I love it. Working on a new idea. Playing with a composition. Developing a vocabulary. Art is fun again. And there is an actual chance I could support my adventures this way.

So here we go.

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