Captain Lonn James Holiday

Classic Style, Modern Performance


Artist/Entrepreneur. Founder of LJHoliday and Elonara. I am a sailor and a champion for simple living. Known as the best dressed man in the  marina. Currently solving the problem of ugly technical clothing.


My goal is to provide the best alternative to ugly technical clothes. Modern performance fabrics are nothing short of miraculous, why shouldn’t the clothes made out of them look good, too?

Current Project

Right now I am eagerly awaiting a sewn sample of what will be LJHoliday’s flagship jacket. This is a classic belted back jacket with pleated pockets and working cuff buttons made out of a technical soft shell fabric. This jacket will be suitable for the boardroom, an evening on the dance floor, or a gruelling day on the slopes.

Short Details

  1. Entrepreneur
  2. Seattle artist
  3. Sailor
  4. Tango dancer

Long Details

I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornish Institute and have been a long time member of the Seattle and Fremont arts community. I established a successful IT career, worked in the Real Estate business as a photographer and house painter, served in the restaurant industry and even drove City buses. I completed Entrepreneur and Project Management certifications at North Seattle College. Until recently, Captain Lonn James Holiday lived on a sailboat on the Salish Sea. I have lived in the greater Seattle area most of my life in various houses, apartments, and motorhomes. I am now traveling with everything I own in a backpack. Everything I own is under 12 kilos. 

Tango is not an activity, it is a way of life. 

I am the founder of LJHoliday, a clothing company that offers classic shapes in modern high performance fabrics. I started LJHoliday because I could not figure out why no one was making classic style clothes out of modern technical fabrics.


I value simple living and high quality. I am intolerant of poorly crafted goods. I prefer one nice thing  over several less costly things.

Life is better well dressed.

Life is complex enough. Don’t complicate it. Keep it simple in process and possessions.

Why I’m the one to run this business

What makes me most qualified to run this business is more than brute intelligence, which I have plenty of; it’s more than the creativity, unique perspective, and sense of humor. It is the combination which brings a team together in a powerful and productive way. Somehow minimizing disagreements and maximizing differences as assets. Exposing and eliminating any ideas of one upmanship by emphasizing the individual qualities and vectors of thought that become so much more than the sum of its parts. I bring an understanding there are no such things as difficult customers, only individuals who will benefit from our combined experience and expertise. We are here to do one job. Make our customers’ lives better.


I walked away from a six figure IT career to create a clothing business because the IT career wasn’t enough. Not enough money, not enough challenge, not enough benefit to the world around me.

I  live my freedom and ambition before my comfort and security. I can be happy living in a van if I can spend my day following my dreams working on a project. 

I have never been afraid to take the hits that come with taking the risks. I have been an entrepreneur since I started making roach clips out of the bailing wire from the papers for my newspaper route. The few times I have worked a “real job”, time moved much too quickly. On rare occasion I have felt like I was participating in something worthwhile but always break away to do something I really care about with my own team.

I get a certain joy after dinner or a movie walking down to the dock and taking the dinghy out into the night to find the boat I anchored out there somewhere.

What’s the difference between an entrepreneur and a pepperoni pizza?

A pepperoni pizza can feed a family.