Captain Lonn James Holiday

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Artist/Entrepreneur. Founder of LJHoliday and Elonara. I am a sailor and a champion for simple living. I enjoy traveling, tango dancing, and food.

I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornish Institute and have been a long time member of the Seattle and Fremont arts community. I established a successful IT career, worked in the Real Estate business as a photographer and house painter, served in the restaurant industry and even drove City buses. I completed Entrepreneur and Project Management certifications at North Seattle College. Until recently, Captain Lonn James Holiday lived on a sailboat on the Salish Sea. I have lived in the greater Seattle area most of my life in various houses, apartments, and motorhomes. I am now traveling with everything I own in a backpack. Everything I own is under 12 kilos. 

Tango is not an activity, it is a way of life. 


I value simple living and high quality. I am intolerant of poorly crafted goods. I prefer one nice thing  over several less costly things.

Life is better well dressed.

Life is complex enough. Don’t complicate it. Keep it simple in process and possessions.

I get a certain joy after dinner or a movie walking down to the dock and taking the dinghy out into the night to find the boat I anchored out there somewhere.

What’s the difference between an entrepreneur and a pepperoni pizza?

A pepperoni pizza can feed a family.